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Racing Program

The centerpiece of the club's racing program are the Wednesday night races. Three series of 5 races each are run between late May and early September. At the end of the year, trophies are awarded for each series as well as trophies for the Fleet Championships which combine all three series as well as the three club regattas. The Wednesday evening races routinely draw upwards of 70 boats. Presently we have 11 classes racing Wednesday nights: 7 spinnaker classes racing under PHRF-LE and 4 main and jib classes racing under modified PHRF handicaps.

The club also sponsors parallel Tuesday night series, known as the China Light races, for majority women crews (women must out number men and the helmsperson must be a woman) to encourage women to become actively involved in the sport of sailing. The China Light races typically draw 15 boats racing in two spinnaker classes, and one main and jib class. Tuesday night also provides an opportunity for juniors and novice racers to practice their skills.

Tuesdays also feature one design racing in J-22's. Typically three races are run each Tuesday with about 15 boats participating.

The club sponsors three regattas, the Ice Breaker, which is usually held the first Sunday in June, our main club regatta, the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club Regatta, usually held the second weekend in July, and the Last Chance Regatta, usually held the third Saturday in September.

The club also sponsors an overnight race as well as a series of single-handed and double-handed races. Finally, a series of fun races extend the Wednesday night races through September, as long as weather and daylight permit.

BHSC is one of the clubs sponsoring the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise. The club is a member of the United States Sailing Association (USSA), the Inter Lake Yachting Association (ILYA - Lake Erie), the Lake Yacht Racing Association (LYRA - Lake Ontario), the Niagara Frontier Yacht Racing Association (NFYRA), and PHRF - Lake Erie.

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