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Events - Awards Banquet 2019
Important details for registering: 1. Unregistered guests will not be accommodated under any circumstances. 2. This will be an assigned seating banquet. Please indicate your seating preference by boat name. 3. Seating is limited to 10 guests per table. Some small exceptions to this can be made in the case of unique situations but will likely result in overcrowding. Alternatively, large groups can be accommodated by an additional, adjacent table. 4. It is imperative that each guest’s name and meal preference is indicated clearly and fully. 5. Please be sure that your payment has been included or posted properly for the number of guests registered in your form. If you have never made an account on our system, you will enter your details while checking out. Once checkout is complete, you will receive an email from us with a link to sign in to your new account and complete the Paypal payment process. If you already have an account on the system, you will follow the link to sign on to your account and pay through the Paypal portal. Remember...you do not have a ticket until you have gone through the Paypal payment process. Any problems send a support ticket to be answered by the membership director.

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