Distinguished Service Award

The “Distinguished Service Award” is presented from time to time by the Commodore of the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club to a person in the club that through their dedication, contribution to the racing program, and operation of the club, has enhanced the Club’s ability to serve its members to a greater degree. This person shall posses an unselfish willingness to get involved in the furtherance of the purposes for which the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club has been organized.
1992: Bob and Joanne Ihrig
1993: Chuck Chilcott
1994: Carl Millerscheon
1995: Bette Blum
1996: Rick Hooper
1997: Pam Obersheimer
1998: Patty Michalski
1999: Mike Brady
2000: Jim Tepas
2001: Patricia Bowles
2002: Dave Fowler
2003: Edgar Priebe
2004: Dave Regnet
2005: John Pettis
2006: Tom Nowak
2007: Tom Lewin
2008: Flo Vach
2009: Bob Gillman
2010: Diane Quart
2011: Jack Kitrenos
2012: Sue Robinson
2013: Diana Augspurger
2014: Patrick Weisansal II
2015: June Crawford & Barbara Berry
2016: Thomas Gaffney
2017: Rob Daley
2018: Melanie Stone
2019: Gregory Toole